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to think better, solemnly elaborating a pseudo-
philosophy of science and society upon the
deeply buried but entirely nonsensical foundations
laid by Marx. Month by month the industrious
Left Book Club pours a new volume over the
minds of its devotees to sustain their mental
habits and pickle them against the septic influence
of unorthodox literature. A^J^a^^
Forbidden Books will no doubt follow. Distin-

guished professorswini^^                      in their
own remarkable ingenuity, lecture and discourse
and even produce serious-looking volumes, upon
the superiority of Marxist physics and Marxist
research, to the unbranded activities of the human
mind. One tries not to be rude to them, but it
is hard to believe they are not deliberately
playing the fool with their brains. Or have
they a feeling that revolutionary communism is
ahead, and are they doing their best to rationalise
it with an eye to those red days to come ? *
Here I cannot pursue in any detail the story
of the Rise and Corruption of Marxism in Russia.
It confirms in every particular my contention
that the class-war idea is an entanglement and
perversion of the world drive towards a world
collectivism, a wasting disease of cosmopolitan
socialism. It has followed in its general outline
* See Hogben's Dangerous Thoughts.